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The usual LILUG page is down. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on a full replacement with new code. If something critical is missing, please let us know.

Next In person LILUG Meeting

The next In person LILUG meeting

Date: Tuesday, May 10th @ 8:00pm

Meeting type: In Person! Digital ballpark.

Topic: Tech News

Next LILUG hangout

The next LILUG hangout

Date: Tuesday, May 17th @ 8:00pm

Panera Bread, Walt Whitman Mall.

Next LILUG picnic

The next LILUG picnic

Date: Sat, May 14th @ 12:00pm

Bethpage park. Look for us.

Important General Meeting Information

We no longer meet at the Woodbury Campus of Cold Spring Harbor Lab. From February 2017 forward we are meeting at LISTnet in Plainview. See meeting information for directions to this location and other details.

Previous General Meeting Minutes

The February 2017 meeting minutes are now available.

Minutes for past meetings may be found by going to the Meetings link in the main menu and then looking at the archives section.

Special Interest Group

Lilug has a special interest group called SI-SIG for 'Security and Infrastructure'. This SIG has monthly meetings that are smaller and have more of a discussion format where Lilug proper has more formal lectures.

SISIG now meets the Third Tuesday of the month.

Interact with Lilug

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